Every player should feel comfortable & safe!

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people that want to ruin the fun and deliberately irritate other players. To make sure that the community is safe for everybody, GumGum has its own 'staff team'. These are specially apointed people, 'moderators' / 'staff members', who oversee the chat & activities, to make sure the game stays safe and fun for everybody. All staff members are required to have a clean record on the server, the forum & the Community Discord. They can only be appointed by Head of Staff (see §Staff Team). Staff are properly trained and have the power to deal with rulebreakers & unwanted people accordingly. Members of Staff do not take a decision without clear judgement, there shall always be a good reason (this is continuously evaluated by Head of Staff). If measures are taken against a person, then is this because a person is not behaving appropriately, either by guidelines set by the rulebook, violating privacy policy or the privacy of a individual or otherwise misbehaving without common courtesy.

Members of Staff wll always decide the appropriate action for each individual case. Banning will always considered as a severe intervention. If small violations occur, the staff member is instructed to first issue a warning (which shall be clearly visable to the person) to the person in question. When a warning is not sufficient to resolve the situation, and misconduct still continues, then banning a player is the most far-reaching decision a moderator can take. For serious violations, a ban can be issued without prior warning.

If others use your credentials/account, you are still responsible executed actions. "My brother(/sister) used my account" is not a valid excuse to be unbanned or pardoned. You are responsible for actions taken on your account, in-game, Discord and forum included. In addition, questioning a certain rule or taking a rule literally, thinking you have not violated a certain rule, is not valid either. Rules are there for a reason, but staff members can take these as a guideline if they feel the safety or family-friendliness of an individual, group or GumGum is violated, meaning they still can take appropriate actions.

Decisions of Staff Members shall be accepted at all times. In-game chat, general forums or the Discord Community are not the designated places to inform yourself, others or complain about a action (eg. ban / ip-ban) taken against you or a friend by a team member.

If you do not agree with a punishment, use: 'Private Affairs' section on the forum.

General Rules

These rules apply to all elements of 'GumGum', meaning in-game, the Forum, the Community Discord and all other aspects which might be directly connected to GumGum Minecraft (which also means personal 1-to-1 chat on Discord if the subject is GumGum.)

  • It is prohibited to use a nickname, username, skin or otherwise user-related identifier, if this results to you impersonating a staff member or a team member.
  • Choose a friendly skin, if others can feel offended by it, with good reasoning, you are not allowed to use it.
  • A username can not conntain any form of sexism, rasism or otherwise inappropriate words or character combinations.
  • Trolling in any way or form is strictly prohibited, our goal is to keep the community fun for everybody!
  • Don't ask staff for special privileges. (privileges also include: items, money, credits, special items or special requests).
    If you ask for privileges, you will definitely be less likely to receive them.
  • We do not tollerate talking about, describing, or otherwise insinuating about topics such as 'gambling', drugs, hacking, sexual content / actions or otherwise illegal activities in any way, shape or form. Serious measures will be taken if in-appropriate subjects or actions occur.
  • Chat Rules

    In addition of all other rules, these rules apply to all communication about GumGum, which GumGum is capable of moderating.

  • No swearing is allowed in any way, shape or form.
  • Communication is only allowed in English or otherwise Dutch. This server has started in 2013 as a Dutch server, therefore it can not be completely ruled-out.
    English is the primary language, while Dutch is allowed. Other languages are simply not allowed, since players which do not speak that certain language, can be insulted or sweared upon, without them knowing. Therefore, it is not allowed to use other languages.
    Clarification: Greeting such as Spanish ~ "Hola!", cq. commonly known greeting verbs in German / Spanish / French are allowed, but try to keep them to a minimum.
  • Sexistic, rasist, discriminating or intimidating comments and comments about religion are strictly prohibited and qualify for a direct ban.
  • Spam, advertisement or otherwise promoting in any way, shape of form are prohibited and qualify for a direct IP-ban.
  • The in-game chat and Community Discord are not meant for long speeches, debates or long discussions. Use 1-on-1 Discord or the forum for these cases.
  • Be respectful and friendly at all times!
  • Severe Rules

    All other rules apply, but these rules are an addition. The following actions are considered severe violations of the code of conduct. All other rules are still violations if broken and be considered severe, but these qualify for a direct ban / IP-ban (moderators discretion).

  • (Attempting to) Bypass a existing punishment / ban (eg. alt accounts)
  • (Attempting to) Abusing a glitch or bug in any way, shape or form to your or someone elses benefit. All glitches and bugs must be reportes to the staff team.
    All reported bugs help us improve the server!
  • (Attempting to) Scamming players of any form of currency, including real-world currency, crypto-currency, items and in-game currencies.
  • (Attempting to) Hack, gain access to, spoof, increase workload of, damage, (elements of) the server, in any way, shape or form.
    Important Notice: Hacking or damaging property of others, including (the servers / elements of) GumGum, is considered illegal. Legal action could be taken by Head of Staff based upon the severety of a case.
  • Forum Rules

    These rules are specifically for the forums of GumGum.

  • All other rules still apply on the forums, be nice to each other!
  • Use appropriate titles for your topics!
  • Do not generalize, this is part of being respectful!
  • Do not spread hate or negativity!
  • Be constructive and postive!
  • Minecraft Modifications

    Minecraft allows a variety of different customization options, from texturepacks to user-made modifications. However, some of them allow a advantage over players, who do not use them. Here is a list of allowed modications and a small guideline on non-allowed modifications.
    Keep in mind however, that every mod / extension that is not stated 'allowed' is automatically non-allowed.

    Allowed Mods

  • Texture- / resource- packs which do not create a advantage for the user, over the non-user.
  • Optifine, if no combat / mining advantage is present
  • Shaders, if no combat / mining advantage is present
  • FPS Enhancers

  • (Some*) Non-allowed Mods
  • Camera Mods
  • Minimap / Waypoint mods
  • FastCraft
  • Keybinding / Macro mods
  • Damage Indicators / Damage mods
  • Flying / Speed / Movement (Waterwalker) mods
  • Hud Enhancements
  • X-Ray mods
  • Hacked / Modified Clients
  • *: every mod not stated 'allowed' is automatically forbidden.

    So in conclusion ...

    Every player plays a part in keeping the server 'fun'. You are responsible for knowning the rules and policies, what is allowed and what is not. You are responsible for all actions of your account, being in-game, on the forums (Enjin), Discord or elsewhere controlled by GumGum. If rules, policies, information or otherwise guidelines on this website or a component is required to be changed by the team, then GumGum remains the rights to do so. This new information will be active immediately.

    Staff will do what they feel is neccesary to provide a safe playing enviroment and ensure the safety of the hardware, community and organisation of GumGum.

    Timestamp Revision: 27th of April 2019 ~ KipxSateee